My Journey

I am a work in progress. I have a full time office job and instruct fitness classes part time during the week. Over the past ten years, I have lost over 100 lbs and continue to grow healthier each day. I have grown to love fitness and I am always looking for fun new ways to stay healthy so here I am. My journey began when my husband and I were hiking the AT for what was to be no more than a five mile hike. It turned out to be nearly 11 miles on this challenging trail with one water bottle each and a baggie of trail mix. I was over 240 lbs and I thought I would die that day from my exploding chest pains and embarrassment because I couldn’t keep up with Mike. I shed a lot of tears that day and faced the cold hard facts that I was beyond obese. The sad part about that is I had already lost a good bit of weight before that adventure. Not sure
what my weight truly was because I was ashamed to step on a scale.That day sent me on my quest to become the healthiest me I can be. I had to learn how to eat, how to cook and figure out how to get moving again. I cried a lot those first few months wondering how I was going to exercise for five minutes let alone an hour. Each day I had to dig deep and push myself to get through a workout. I literally could only do five minutes a day and added five minutes
as I progressed. I ditched the soda… Lord knows that was a toughy. I ditched the gut fill and learned to eat food that
fueled my body; it didn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey I choose to take ever day. That consistency
has brought me where I am today. Here I am, learning, growing, getting healthier, getting fitter – one minute at a time.
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