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Irish by marriage!

I’m Irish by marriage so I go all in.  I pull out my green Red Hare Brewery T-shirt, dust off my favorite Irish jig and celebrate the fun of St. Patrick’s Day. I even drag my Zumba students into it. It’s a party, right?



I can’t leave out Shaun the Sheep. He puts me in a toe tapping mood. How else will I get through the work day?

Oh, here’s my favorite song this time of year. Give it a listen., it’s called Another Irish Drinking Song. Poor Michael Flatley. This song is so much fun so I use it every year in my classes.   Hmm, maybe later I can share that Zumba routine.   Cheers!

Later tonight we will have some friends over for corned beef and cabbage along with all the fixin’s. Beer included. I’ll share more later so stay tuned.

I leave you today with an Irish blessing :


Happy St. Patrick’s Day friends! Take a minute to enlighten a girl on how you celebrate.






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