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Excuses, excuses.

Well. I had all the excuses running through my head this morning. Ever let those excuses win? They almost did, but I’m competitive and couldn’t let that happen.

Here were my top 3⃣ excuses this morning:

🖓I have 0⃣ energy
🖓I’m too sore from yesterday’s workout
🖓I’ll be teaching fitness classes tonight so why bother

Well too bad 🐥. Get off your duff and get moving. Challenge those muscles and work through the soreness. That’s how you get stronger. So what if you are teaching tonight. That workout is for them, not you. Your personal workouts matter. Getting that sweat on gives you energy. Quit making excuses and get it done… I did. And, guess what?

I’m not sore anymore. I worked on me so class will be all about them. Oh, now I’m zipping around the house feeling energized for the day. excuses
Ditch your excuses and do it. You’ll be glad you did. 💪💪💪💪 Need some at home mini work outs and motivation? You can request to join the group here. (one more excuse sent stepping).

Oh what are your top three excuses? I might need to borrow them.

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Fit Word Fun

New month = new challenge in my wellness group.  We had so much fun with our Fit Move of the Day last month. This time we are taking on a Fit Word of the Day mini workout.    Heck yeah! We can score a fun mini work out in under ten minutes. I’ll post a word a day and we’ll match the letters up to a preassigned exercise. Can’t wait to get started in the morning.

Need encouragement? We’ve got you! Need a mini workout? We’ve got you! Need healthy eating tips? We’ve got you! Need a safe place to be you, without judgement? We’ve got you! We have a healthy good time and there is always room for one more. If you answered yes to any of those questions, skip on over to FACEBOOK and request to join our group. Be sure to bring a friend along with you. WORD OF THE DAY

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Irish by marriage!

I’m Irish by marriage so I go all in.  I pull out my green Red Hare Brewery T-shirt, dust off my favorite Irish jig and celebrate the fun of St. Patrick’s Day. I even drag my Zumba students into it. It’s a party, right?



I can’t leave out Shaun the Sheep. He puts me in a toe tapping mood. How else will I get through the work day?

Oh, here’s my favorite song this time of year. Give it a listen., it’s called Another Irish Drinking Song. Poor Michael Flatley. This song is so much fun so I use it every year in my classes.   Hmm, maybe later I can share that Zumba routine.   Cheers!

Later tonight we will have some friends over for corned beef and cabbage along with all the fixin’s. Beer included. I’ll share more later so stay tuned.

I leave you today with an Irish blessing :


Happy St. Patrick’s Day friends! Take a minute to enlighten a girl on how you celebrate.






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It’s all about that shirt!

So a few months ago I took on Core De Force. I wanted to give kickboxing / mixed martial arts a try. Well, I just couldn’t connect with this program like I hoped. The kicking was awkward for me. I spent so much time trying to just get the moves to flow. I showed up though, every day because:

  1. I made a commitment
  2. I’m not a quitter
  3. Practice helps us grow and learn
  4. I wanted this shirt!!  😂

Not sorry I spent 30 days trying to learn something new. I’m stronger and I learned about me, how my body moves and what motivates me. Time well spent.

With all that said, I just had to have fun with my new shirt. I fought hard to earn this. I’m wearing it as a reminder that I didn’t quit.


core de force shirt

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Tasty treats and spooky cheats are on the way – are you ready to face the temptation? It’s time to build those healthy habits now so you can resist them later. There’s no quick fix, but with commitment, determination and the right tools you CAN do it! You can build those healthy habits now that will change your life forever.



First: Commit 100% to yourself and your fitness plan for 4 weeks. NO EXCUSES!

Next: Purchase a challenge pack (or sign up for a 30 Day FREE premium club membership)

Finally: Check in daily via our Challenge Tracker APP

Are you ready to put the excuses aside? Are you willing to launch real, positive changes in your health?

Join the event now or message me ASAP and I will send you the information you need to participate. Space is limited!

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Max Out.

Max Out Strength liked to kill me today. Lots of tears as I pushed thru. Why am I pushing myself? Because I have to get healthy. Sure I’ve lost 100 pounds and feel so much better. {Insert happy dance} The reality is, I’m still obese. I have about 35 pounds to go. The only way to lose it is to dial in my nutrition and challenge myself with a good sweaty workout. So tears, sore muscles and all I’m pushing through because I’m stronger than my excuses. I have goals and I’m gonna crush them. I’m gonna help everyone I can along the way!!maxout

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Today in our accountability group, we are sharing what we are thankful for. So I decided to share with you all too. I’m thankful for my kiddos that fill my heart with joy and my head with gray hair. Love them so much and couldn’t be prouder of them.children

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Accidental Fitness Instructing Coach

A hiking adventure gone wrong turned me into an accidental fitness instructor and now coach! Say what!?! Yup, what was supposed to be a short round trip hike on the AT to find a letterbox turned into a 13 mile hike. I thought I was going to die on that hike. We packed a baggie of trail mix, a peanut butter sammy and we each had a 16 oz bottle of water. It was only suppose to be under 5 miles in and out. Being on the trail with not enough water and weighing 250 pounds was a bad combination. I cried so much and was totally embarrassed. ( we will still sorta newlyweds) I was huffing and puffing. I thought my lungs would burst. My headi was pounding from breathing so hard. Didn’t have my inhaler either. After we made it back to the car, I decided then that something had to change. A 13 mile hike shouldn’t have nearly gave me heart attack or exploding lungs.
I started out with Mary Lou Henner’s eating plan and I tried some fusion fitness workouts by Ellen Barrett. I could only get through 5 min. Lots of crying there too. I showed up every day and managed to be able to go a little longer. Eventually I was getting through the entire 50 minutes. The weight was coming off. I was learning how to ‘eat to live’ not ‘live to eat’.
Fast forward a few years. I finally had the nerve to try a group fitness class. Zumba was always something I wanted to try but couldn’t bring myself to sweat in public. What if I couldn’t keep up? I tried one day and fell in love. I attended classes for a year and finally decided, I could teach this at the church I work at and help other people too. I teach 6 classes a week now and work full time. I love dancing and love my students!!
I met my coach Sarah NOWthrough Zumba. I was struggling to teach my classes.I was exhausted all the time. Back then I was teaching 11 sessions. I couldn’t seem to eat enough to nourish my body. I knew she taught tons of classes and reached out to her and asked her how they heck she was able to teach so many classes. She recommended Shakeology. I saw the price tag and of course, I zipped over to Sprouts and picked up some protein shakes. I’m on a budget and I work for a church. This chick can’t afford all that. Eventually I reached out again and she again suggested Shakeology, again pointing out its value and that is a complete meal. I flat out shared my concern over the cost. I ordered a sample pack and that was all she wrote. I had stamina again! I felt fantastic! And, I didn’t have any more cravings for junk food out of the blue. I was feeling alive again!
Coaching was the last thing on my mind. I’m still too overweight. Who wants to hear from a fat chick? I had an excuse for everything. Dancing was one thing. Coaching others to good health was another.
Sarah was right. Just work the program, drink the shakes and share with others what healthy things work for you. The next thing I knew I was trying the 21 Day Fix and drinking Shakeology. I had my program a week and people started reaching out to me. And now I have a team working with me to help others as we reach our goals together. We stumble. We succeed. But above all, we have each other to lean on.
I’m so thankful for that hiking trip that went bad. I would have missed out on so many blessings. 🙂 I’ve been plowing through the beachbody programs, each one taking me to a new level of health. There was even a program to help me recover after my breast tumor surgery a year ago. (another story for another day)
I’m the accidental fitness instructor-coach that is pushing play, drinking a shakeology and supporting others every day and loving it!

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Today is the day!

Are you ready to get in shape or make a lifestyle change? Do you have a special event or want to feel confident in your swimsuit? Do you need motivation? If “Yes”, then don’t wait for tomorrow! TODAY is the day! I’m looking for women to join me in my next fitness accountability group starting July 5. Together we will focus on daily workouts, a dense superfood shake, meal guides and portion-controlled nutrition. If you are ready for a jiggle free July, I’m ready to help you along your journey. Comment below or email me @ for more details!

are you ready

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Counting my blessings! It’s been a year.

It’s ‪#‎thankfulThursay‬ and I have so much to be thankful for! One year ago today, I had a breast tumor removed and a bilateral reduction. Scary stuff, but God is faithful!!! I had an incredible doctor and surgeon. It’s been a long healing process and I still have a long way to go (where upper body strength is concerned). I am so thankful for my wonderful hubby and family that helped me through the process. I have THE best friends ever that pitched in. As I sit here eating my lunch and reflecting, I am flooded by emotions. Tons of what if’s which give me even more reasons to be thankful. 

So today I thank my God for His abounding love, His healing hands and His might provisions in my life.

Now for my soap box. Please, please, please get your annual exams and health screenings You must take care of you!!! You are loved!!! If you are reading this, then that means you are huge blessing in my life and I want you to be around a LONG while. My tumor was noticeable to me as the weight continued to come off. I might not have had my annual check up if I didn’t notice it. Just because you think you feel good, doesn’t mean there might not be something going on inside. So now I want you to pick up your phone and schedule that Dr. appointment you have been putting off.counting my blessings

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