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It’s all about that shirt!

So a few months ago I took on Core De Force. I wanted to give kickboxing / mixed martial arts a try. Well, I just couldn’t connect with this program like I hoped. The kicking was awkward for me. I spent so much time trying to just get the moves to flow. I showed up though, every day because:

  1. I made a commitment
  2. I’m not a quitter
  3. Practice helps us grow and learn
  4. I wanted this shirt!!  😂

Not sorry I spent 30 days trying to learn something new. I’m stronger and I learned about me, how my body moves and what motivates me. Time well spent.

With all that said, I just had to have fun with my new shirt. I fought hard to earn this. I’m wearing it as a reminder that I didn’t quit.


core de force shirt

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