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On the go…

I’ve been on the go. I can’t wait to share with you about the fun I had in Chicago. SO MUCH FOOD. SO MUCH FUN. BRAIN OVERLOAD. But today, I’m just to excited and need to share the here and now!!!!

I just found out that Shaun T is coming out with a new workout program and I’m going to get my hands on that puppy hot off the press no waiting. EEEEK.shaun t

I took on  Cize,  T-25 and my all time fave, Insanity Max:30. I’ve had amazing results and he keeps it fun, so how can I not be excited?! If you’ve done his programs, you know what I mean.


I’ve been living a healthier lifestyle and loving the results. I’m enjoying life. Not every day is perfect but when you eat right and score those daily workouts, you just flat out live happy.

I want you to find happiness, embrace where you are and just be the best you.  Message me here. If I can find happiness through health, you can too.

And about that Chicago trip…. stay tuned.

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Max Out.

Max Out Strength liked to kill me today. Lots of tears as I pushed thru. Why am I pushing myself? Because I have to get healthy. Sure I’ve lost 100 pounds and feel so much better. {Insert happy dance} The reality is, I’m still obese. I have about 35 pounds to go. The only way to lose it is to dial in my nutrition and challenge myself with a good sweaty workout. So tears, sore muscles and all I’m pushing through because I’m stronger than my excuses. I have goals and I’m gonna crush them. I’m gonna help everyone I can along the way!!maxout

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