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Spontaneous Picking!

I’m not usually good about deviating from my list. Every once in awhile, it just can’t be helped. Today was one of those days. I was zipping along to tackle my list before noon and I notice 2 cars in the parking lot at the strawberry fields. I’ve been waiting for them to open and BOOM, they were open. Naturally, I had to take advantage of the situation. This chick turned the car around at the next light and headed back to get in on that action. It was early and the weather was just perfect for picking.

They were perfectly sweet and just the right size and ripeness I enjoy. I loaded up my bucket with my fresh picks and got right back to my list. I got to enjoy the smell of fresh strawberries while attending to the rest of my errands. I was tempted to nibble on them but managed to stay distracted long enough to get them home safe and sound. Now I have some in the fridge and frozen to keep me happy for awhile.

I love this time of year! So much fun stuff to do in the spring weather.  Have you been strawberry picking yet? IMG_20170329_163039_275000


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Today in our accountability group, we are sharing what we are thankful for. So I decided to share with you all too. I’m thankful for my kiddos that fill my heart with joy and my head with gray hair. Love them so much and couldn’t be prouder of them.children

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Missing my kiddo’s and the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving prep this year. At the same time it’s nice to keep it simple and really have time to look over the blessings of this year! God has abundantly poured His love into our family this year in such incredible ways. Daniel is doing fantastic in school/work/volunteer work. Becca (and her friends) walked away from a horrible wreck with minimal injuries. I had successful breast surgery with cancer free results. Mike is always in my corner cheering me on and even loves me when I’m at my worst.  God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, loving kids, amazing parents, great family, kind friends, a good job, and the opportunity to reach out and encourage others every day! Life is filled with blessings. I’m thankful today is a day that encourages us to stop, be with those we love and reflect on the blessings that fill our hearts with joy.

If you are reading this, I pray you have a fantastic celebration with those you love and that you have a year filled with many blessings. I am thankful for our friendship.praisgod

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