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Crispy Crunchy!

I love the crispy weather and the crunchy sound the leave make when I’m hiking. The weather was perfect for a five mile hike at Tesnatee Gap in North Georgia.  The color wasn’t spectacular, but there were hints of yellow, orange and red among the brown leaves.  The drought sure has put a damper on the autumn canvas this year. That aside, we had a fun day on the trail taking in the beauty of the season.2016-11-05-09-50-39

This  was our first time hiking this side of the AT. Lots of switchbacks and loose rocks. The leaves made it a challenge sometimes but it was fun and I didn’t bust my rump or twist my ankle!! We trekked along at a pretty good pace, too. We stopped along the way to enjoy the sites. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to grab a few planks for fun. Props to Mike for finding just the right view!!carolplank2016b


We wandered on until we found the perfect spot to enjoy our lunch. I’ll take this view over a stuffy office any day…..



We found a few bursts of red leaves and a green one hanging on for deer life not wanting to give way to the autumn weather.


At the end of the day, my feet were tired but my boots sure were glad to get some trail dust on them!2016-11-05-11-28-07


Now to decide on our next big hike!



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Tasty treats and spooky cheats are on the way – are you ready to face the temptation? It’s time to build those healthy habits now so you can resist them later. There’s no quick fix, but with commitment, determination and the right tools you CAN do it! You can build those healthy habits now that will change your life forever.



First: Commit 100% to yourself and your fitness plan for 4 weeks. NO EXCUSES!

Next: Purchase a challenge pack (or sign up for a 30 Day FREE premium club membership)

Finally: Check in daily via our Challenge Tracker APP

Are you ready to put the excuses aside? Are you willing to launch real, positive changes in your health?

Join the event now or message me ASAP and I will send you the information you need to participate. Space is limited!

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Today is the day!

Are you ready to get in shape or make a lifestyle change? Do you have a special event or want to feel confident in your swimsuit? Do you need motivation? If “Yes”, then don’t wait for tomorrow! TODAY is the day! I’m looking for women to join me in my next fitness accountability group starting July 5. Together we will focus on daily workouts, a dense superfood shake, meal guides and portion-controlled nutrition. If you are ready for a jiggle free July, I’m ready to help you along your journey. Comment below or email me @ for more details!

are you ready

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Coach Retreat!

I have never been good about taking my vacation days or sick time. I tend to move full speed ahead and not take enough time to recharge my batteries. Over the past year, I have started learning about the importance of balance in my life. Slowing down and enjoying the moments. Slowing down to SEE the blessings. Slowing down to be IN the moment. What a difference that has made in my life!

Here I am, in Florida, relaxing!?! I’m getting some things done BUT more than anything, I have been relaxing and taking it all in. I never thought I would see the day that I would pack my bags for a 4 day adventure to learn and relax. But here I am… surrounded with some fantastic ladies that are making the difference in the lives of so many other people. I am honored to learn and work alongside them.

Coaching allows me to encourage so many people to reach and meet their personal goals and is teaching me how to find balance in my own life. The balance I am finding is allowing me to slow down and enjoy life. I’m looking for adventure rather than getting the next thing checked off that ‘to do’ list. I am humbled by this opportunity and want to share it with you. If you have a heart to encourage others and need balance in your life, let’s talk. I want to share this joy with YOU!

coach retreat

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