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Crispy Crunchy!

I love the crispy weather and the crunchy sound the leave make when I’m hiking. The weather was perfect for a five mile hike at Tesnatee Gap in North Georgia.  The color wasn’t spectacular, but there were hints of yellow, orange and red among the brown leaves.  The drought sure has put a damper on the autumn canvas this year. That aside, we had a fun day on the trail taking in the beauty of the season.2016-11-05-09-50-39

This  was our first time hiking this side of the AT. Lots of switchbacks and loose rocks. The leaves made it a challenge sometimes but it was fun and I didn’t bust my rump or twist my ankle!! We trekked along at a pretty good pace, too. We stopped along the way to enjoy the sites. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to grab a few planks for fun. Props to Mike for finding just the right view!!carolplank2016b


We wandered on until we found the perfect spot to enjoy our lunch. I’ll take this view over a stuffy office any day…..



We found a few bursts of red leaves and a green one hanging on for deer life not wanting to give way to the autumn weather.


At the end of the day, my feet were tired but my boots sure were glad to get some trail dust on them!2016-11-05-11-28-07


Now to decide on our next big hike!



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