A long unexpected year…

Back in January, I asked my FB peeps to keep me accountable to my health and fitness goals. It has been a LONG year with some unexpected bumps along the way. I started the year strong with Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix. I took off 11 pounds and was feeling fabulous. I hit the middle of the year and my doctors decided a breast tumor and fibroid cluster they were watching needed to come out. Ready or not, the Dr. said it was necessary; a bilateral reduction was on the calendar.. Very scary!

It was a long hard healing process for me because teaching fitness classes is a huge part of my personal journey. I had amazing friends that took care of my students for me while I healed. It was the longest 8 weeks ever! 8 weeks of no exercise…. ugh! Thankful for my Shakeology. It helped me keep my nutrition in line.

So here I am just a little over 4 months outside my surgery and earlier this week my surgeon released me from the last bit of restrictions. I’m free to work as hard as my body will allow. It feels good to be getting back on track with my fitness.

Bring on the last few weeks of the year. I’m going to hit it hard and finish strong. You’re probably ready to end 2015 healthier than it started if you’re anything like me. Start in a little over TWO weeks with us!
* The best nutrition
* The best workout for YOU
Contact me if you are interested in joining or learning more information.


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